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Saras Partners works with companies in the technology, media and telecom (TMT) sector to provide product and market innovation, and financial advisory services.

The firm’s clients include companies in the cable, satellite and telecom marketplace, covering all aspects of video, data and voice technologies and services. Saras is deeply experienced in the identification of new market opportunities, the design of leading-edge networks, products and services, and the introduction of products and services to North American and International markets.

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Access to Industry … Our extensive experience provides us with ready access to the influencers and decision makers across the functional areas of the market leading companies in the industry – helpful for bringing a well-informed industry perspective to your projects.

Ability to Work Independently … Saras experience enables the firm to rapidly come up to speed on engagements and to work independently to achieve the results you need.


You face relentless pressure to increase revenue and improve the bottom line in an environment where both your markets and technology are rapidly changing.

The partners at Saras have deep industry experience working directly for operators and vendors in the cable, satellite and telecom marketplace. This provides multiple advantages for clients and a unique ability to understand and solve your issues:

Deep Experience … All of the partners at Saras have extensive, hands-on industry experience working for operators, programmers and equipment vendors. The partners have both C-level experience in $1B+ firms as well as experience creating, leading and growing innovative technology companies.

Hands On Approach … Our clients don’t need to educate Saras on their businesses. Saras is deeply engaged in the day-to-day and strategic issues of the industry. We know and understand our clients’ business at every level.

Saras’ experience enables the firm to address clients’ needs in the areas of Strategy, Product, Engineering, Operations and M & A Support:


 Saras brings a global, cross-industry perspective rarely found in-house to the development and deployment of our clients’ leading-edge business, technology and product strategies.

Development and updating of corporate business strategy, including the qualification of new markets and opportunities, and the development of comprehensive business models

  • Creation and deployment of corporate technology strategy, including long-range planning and analysis of competitive position
  • Analysis of competitors’ capabilities and solutions
  • Development and management of strategic vendor relationships
  • Participation in technical standards bodies on behalf of operators and manufacturers

Our team has participated in the development and rollout of a products and services for cable and telecom infrastructure worldwide, enabling our clients’ long-term differentiation and improving their competitive position.


saras partners products

Deeply experienced in the definition of new products and services for both operators and vendors

  • Possess a detailed knowledge of product development processes and the management of projects, from the creation of technical requirements through delivery of finished product
  • Experience with the evaluation of new technologies and architectures

At Saras, we have deep, hands-on experience with the design, management and implementation of deployed and leading edge engineering technologies, and the migration of operators’ networks to advanced architectures.

Saras partners engineering

Experienced with both legacy and leading-edge technologies and services in video, data and voice at both the network and applications layers, including

  • the delivery of video services to TVs and mobile devices by operators and over the top
  • the delivery of data services, including the design and implementation of next generation architectures
  • the collection of audience, operations and other data, and the discovery and analysis of patterns in the data
  • the development and collection of energy efficiency metrics and the analysis of the data to provide recommendations for improvement
  • the development and deployment of applications and server-based back ends that support B2B and B2C services
  • Long associations with standards groups and bodies developing new technologies for our industry

 At Saras, we understand the critical role that operations and the back office play in the success of operators, and have extensive experience with the design, selection and deployment of all level of these capabilities.

saras partners operations

Evaluation of company technical operations organization and methods and procedures

  • Comparison of company technical operations organization team structure, sizing and systems to peer operator norms
  • Integration of new systems into the existing operational structure of the company

 Saras’ comprehensive perspective, deep industry knowledge and relationships with key players uniquely positions the firm to better provide objective, independent and highly informed support for transactions.

Evaluation of technical and operational capabilities

  • Performance of technical and financial due diligence
  • Provide input, analysis and validation of capital and technical business planning
  • Verification of plant and assets for sales or purchase process

At Saras, we understand how to manage the leading edge

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Increased Revenue

  • New Services
  • Improved UI
  • Cross-platform offerings
  • Analytics-driven offers

Reduced Costs


  • Network Optimization
  • Operating effienciency



Reduced Risks


  • Litigation support
  • Vendor risk management
  • Network Obsolescence
  • Platform migration

New Opportunities


  • Partner identification & management
  • Acquisition target analysis
  • Merger complements


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